Our Mission & Values


Mission is

To create cables for tomorrow’s automotive technologies, while offering innovative and competitive solutions to our clients. Meanwhile, we continue to be an employer of choice and a trustworthy partner to all our stakeholders.




” We believe that what we do makes the difference and are proud of the place COFICAB made itself in the automotive industry.”

We are powered by an endless determination and self-discipline, which gives us the courage to embrace new perspectives and achieve long-term goals.

We create an environment of innovation where we inspire each other to thrive.

We value the learning impacts from both our successes and failures.

We convey our enthusiasm and Passion for COFICAB in all situations.


We aim for the highest standards of ethical behavior in everything we do.

We expect from ourselves, the highest level of professionalism in our interactions with each other, customers, stakeholders, community, and the environment in which we operate.

We conduct our affairs in a legal and compliant manner within a relationship of mutual respect, based on trust, honesty, humility and integrity.

We always make decisions and take action, based on the COFICAB Group’s general interest.


We are committed to do ordinary things extraordinarily well.

We are intensely focused on serving our customers beyond their satisfaction and on helping them achieve their Business Goals.

We set the standards, which become benchmarks for the automotive cable and wire industry.

We seek continuous improvement in all areas of our business and never accept second best.

We never compromise on quality, cost-effectiveness, safety, and environmental impact.

We are quick to cope with change and overcome challenges with confidence.

Our word is our bond.


We thrive together as one team towards an ultimate goal: maximizing the success of COFICAB.

We have confidence in each other’s capabilities and intentions, and we are readily sharing knowledge, experience, resources and best practices.

We are honest and straight forward with each other: we speak up openly, give and receive constructive feedback.

We cooperate with loyalty and trust across all COFICAB’s locations, departments, and levels.

We respect team members’ personal values and cultures, which may be different from our own.