Our Sustainable Goals

Our responsibility towards

our community

Since its founding, COFICAB group has always aimed at making a positive impact on the communities and environment in which it operates, through volunteering and providing financial and non-financial support.

COFICAB maintains its commitment to sustainable growth and innovation, with the aim to leave a better world to the next generations.


Health & Safety Commitment

COFICAB is strongly committed

To set the example in terms of the enforcement of occupational health and safety for all its employees overall the steps of manufacturing, marketing and sales.

COFICAB is determined

To continuously improve its process, products, services in favor of OH&S performances taking into account the wellbeing of all concerned interested parties: Employees, contractors, visitors…

COFICAB is engaged

to comply with applicable legal requirements and with other requirements that concern its OH&S risks by implementing a dynam ic and effective system enabling the access and the update of those requirements.


to promote a culture of “Zero Incident” by setting ambitious OH&S targets reviewed
periodically by involving and participating its employees. COFICAB ensures the availability of all needed means and data to succeed its mission.

COFICAB´s challenge

is to rise OH&S risk´s awareness and prevent accidents by dealing in advance with all health and safety incidents. COFICAB promo tes preventive approach by establishing a health and safety education (training, awareness, communication, involvement…)

COFICAB is set to

to protect all its employees against occupational health and safety incidents focusing its actions towards preventive approach and promoting the risk elimination if it

Our responsibility to
the environment

We strive to have growth go hand-in-hand with sustainability at all levels. Thus we are very conscious of our duty to the environment


COFICAB is strongly committed to protect the natural resources, especially water, air, soil, fauna and flora, as well as all aspects related to the well-being of humanity.

Regularly work on the minimization of environmental effects,

driven by the design, development, and production of automotive and energy wires and cables, at both national and international levels.

Continuously enhance its process, products, and services

to prevent pollution of the environment and preserve nature, as well as continuous improvement of its environmental performance.

Meet or exceed all the compliance obligations

whether dictated by national & international regulations, contractual obligations, or COFICAB’s values & commitments, and provide them to all interested parties in each country, where we operate, to achieve being an environmentally responsible neighbor in each community.

Review systematically its environmental objectives to set new targets

assuring continuous and sustainable improvement, while taking into account external environmental threats.

Ensure information sharing among all personnel

and with those involved in any activity in COFICAB’s name on all aspects related to Environmental Management System through motivation and effective involvement.

Continuously reduce the CO2 footprint

Aligning its activity with “Paris agreement” aiming for climate neutrality by 2050.

The Environmental Management System is a shared duty inside COFICAB and its effectiveness depends strongly on the involvement and contribution of everyone.