Product Range

COFICAB designs and manufactures all cross-sections and temperature ranges, according to customer needs

Wide range of electric cables for LIGHT and COMMERCIAL VEHICLES’ power and signal circuits

High voltage cables for ELECTROMOBILITY

Charging cables according to the plugins in the market for HYBRID AND FULL ELECTRIC CARS

Data cables suitable for multimedia systems application

Sensor cables for AUTONOMOUS DRIVING, to be used in ADAS (Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems)

Miniaturized cables using copper alloy conductors, for WEIGHT AND SPACE REDUCTION

Cables with aluminum and aluminum alloys’ conductor, typically used to REDUCE WEIGHT in vehicles

Cables with an EXTRA FLEXIBLE insulation, for low voltage and high voltage applications

Wide range of HIGH-TEMPERATURE PERFORMANCE cables to meet the highest environmental requirements

CUSTOMIZED cables and wires based on specific customer requests

Customized cables depending on the NEEDED APPLICATIONS

Single and multicore electric cables for TRUCKS, in accordance with customers’ standards and drawings

Cables for internal wiring of APPLIANCES, PANELS, and POWER DISTRIBUTION