The SolarCar Team from Bochum University is getting started for their next project: A Land Rover Defender 110 powered by sun and hydrogen.

COFICAB has been supporting the students of Bochum University for almost eight years now. This year, the students came up with an idea that will make their new car stand apart from what they had developed before: A 2003-built Land Rover Defender 110 that will be equipped with a Tesla S drivetrain and 16 Tesla battery packs, powered by solar and hydrogen fuel cells to increase the range.

Regarding the interior of the vehicles, the students decided to use sustainable materials only. The inside of the car will offer air conditioning, ventilation and heating, a radio receiving set, as well as a digital dashboard.

Further features are an air compressor and outside lighting. The electric car will be street-legal and can reach up to 100km/h.

The roof of the Defender will be equipped with solar panels of 44m² in total when folded out. While driving, the panel can produce solar energy for driving assistance with a smaller area; whereas in parking situations, the full – folded out – area can recharge the battery. The solar panels are selected according to the most important mandatory properties: a high level of flexibility and chip resistance. In order to make the solar panels resistant against any kind of exterior stress, the panels are laminated.

In a next step, the students are eyeing on adding a kind of wind power plant. Depending on time, they are thinking of adding a kite at the car’s rear to generated energy from wind power.

COFICAB is very proud to continue the partnership with Bochum University and supports the SolaH2 car with 2.5km FLRY-B in various colors and 30m of COFFLEX-R-C T4 HV.