Product Range

COFICAB designs and manufactures all cross-sections and temperature ranges,
according to customer needs
Solutions for different SPECIFIC APPLICATIONS
We are capable of offer a wide product portfolio along with a broad product localization, reducing costs, time, and CO2 footprint
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COFICAB designs and manufactures solutions
for different specific applications, such as:

- Fuel Tank Sensor cables.
- Lighting cables.
- Heating cables.
- Heat-resistant and flexible cables.
- High mechanical resistant cables.
- Anti-capillary cables.

For some applications in the automotive industry, such as fluid level sensors, the routing of the cables into a fluid-filled tank is necessary. For this case, COFICAB designs and manufactures anti-capillary cables that are designed to avoid the capillary effect of liquids between the strands that may cause damage of the sensors that are connected.