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07-09/06/2009 Conference in Rome.

Mr Elloumi held a conference in the third world showroom of cables in Rome.

15/06/2009 Capacity of expansion in Tunisia

Coficab develops his capacities in Tunisia.

puceCoficab holds 13% of global market and 30% of the European market.

puceCoficab achieved a turnover of 550 M€ in 2010.

Member of Elloumi Group, Coficab is a best-in-class leader in the manufacturing and sales of automotive electrical cables and wires. The first plant was built in Tunisia (Tunis) in 1992 to supply the local demand.

Throughout the last 2 decades, Coficab expanded globally by constructing up to date production facilities in 1993 in Portugal (Guarda), 2001 in Morocco (Tangier), 2005 in Romania (Arad) and recently (2009) in Tunisia (Medjez El Bab).


As innovation is central to its success, Coficab has been always paying attention to the talents of the R&D team...


Coficab offers a wide package of supply chain services to its partners.