The Nobel Peace Prize awarded to the Tunisian Quartet



Dear Coficab Team,


I want to share with you a historical moment from Oslo, where the Tunisian Quartet was awarded the Peace Nobel Prize.

The four organisations that shared the prize are the Tunisian General Labour Union, the Tunisian Confederation of Industry, Trade and Handicrafts, the Tunisian Human Rights League and the Tunisian Order of Lawyers. Their efforts in rallying the public behind the constitutional process was an essential factor for the culmination of the revolution in Tunisia in peaceful and democratic elections. According to the Nobel Prize Committee, “the broad-based national dialogue that the quartet succeeded in establishing countered the spread of violence in Tunisia and its function is therefore comparable to that of the peace congresses to which Alfred Nobel refers in his will”.

This prize symbolizes the successful outcome of peaceful dialogue, trust and real will to reach a consensus, which is the cornerstone of all society, gives sense to our lives and brightens the future for all of us!

I convey you my warmest wishes for the holiday season!


Best regards,

Hichem Elloumi

Chairman & CEO