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Our Coficabian Heroes in Guarda Save COF PT from a Terrifying Wildfire

Our colleagues in Guarda fighting a raging wildfire with little help from local fire fighters.

August 24th 2017, Guarda (Portugal) – Our incredibly brave colleagues were the first line of defense in COF PT against a raging wildfire that came too close to our manufacturing site. With the local firefighters busy saving the nearby village from the fire, Coficabians took things into their hands and protected their plant by themselves, with the help of only 4 firefighters. More than 100 Coficabeans risked their safety to keep the flames away from COF PT.


Our colleagues did not even stop there. After they made sure the plant was safe, they helped the local community by saving 2 houses near the plant from burning down. Their courage will always stay with all of us, as a shining example of kindness, team spirit, and commitment beyond all expectations.


Portugal suffered from an intense heat wave this summer, resulting in multiple wildfires and firestorms across the country, including 4 deadly wildfires across the center of Portugal that resulted in lost lives, injuries, and considerable damage. We mourn these losses with our brave colleagues and the country of Portugal and hope these are the last of the woes. We are also extremely thankful that the fire near COF PT did not result in any life losses or injuries.

We are in heart and spirit with our brave friends in COF PT, knowing that they will still endure the consequences of this tragedy for years to come. However, and in the words of Joao Cardoso, “The Green will return.”