Mr. Hichem Elloumi decorated by the Portuguese President


Mr. Hichem Elloumi has been decorated Grand Officer of the Order of Industrial Merit.


This distinction was awarded by the Ambassador of Portugal on behalf of His Excellency the President of the Portuguese Republic to Mr. Elloumi, First Vice President of UTICA (employers organization of Tunisia), President of Coficab Portugal and of the Cable Division of Elloumi Group, on Wednesday June 17th, 2015, at the occasion of a decoration ceremony held at the Portuguese Embassy in Tunisia, as recognition of Mr. Elloumi’s achievements:

  • The importance of the industrial investment made in Portugal and the distinction of excellence of Coficab Portugal, recognized for two majors events. The first recognition relates to the COTEC prize for innovation awarded by the President of the Portuguese Republic in 2013. The second major event was the inauguration ceremony of a Research and Development Center by the President of Portugal, Mr. Cavaco Silva, in 2014;
  • His personal contribution as well as Coficab Portugal in the development of Guarda region;
  • His active participation in the promotion and the development of economic relations between Tunisia and Portugal.


Hichem Elloumi is also the President of the Tunisian Portuguese Business Council, from the Tunisian side. In this respect, he contributed to the enhancement of the relationship between the two countries and to the promotion of a closer economic cooperation.