Innovation & Market Trends

A very important part of COFICAB’s mission is not only to be at the edge of technology but to be also a leader on the matter. We position ourselves ahead of the market trends, which tend, nowadays, towards lighter and smaller automotive cables, such as COFICAB’s , automotive cables for connectivity applications, such as COFICAB’s , cables for autonomous driving, such as COFICAB’s , and also automotive cables for electrical and hybrid cars, such as COFICAB’s .
COFICAB develops automotive wires and cables for current applications but also develops cables for applications that have not been required by today’s market yet. COFICAB allots an important number of human and material resources to Research and Development, in the aim of always staying ahead of the market and of our customers’ requests. We also develop tailor-made cables for and in collaboration with our customer, examples of which, you can see in our cable family, named TAILOR-MADE.