COFICAB is your leading global partner in the design, manufacturing, and sales of automotive cables and wires. COFICAB, a member of Elloumi Group, was founded in 1992 by Mr. Hichem Elloumi. COFICAB has known an incredible national and international expansion, and an unequaled speed of organic growth, since its beginnings as a small Tunisian company.



COFICAB is looking towards the future as it celebrated its 25th year in January 2017. While the Group comes from solid roots and has an important history, we strive to stay at the edge of technology to reach our ultimate goal: our clients’ satisfaction. We would like to convey our gratitude to our partners for their loyalty and support throughout our journey. This journey took us from the status of a national company in 1992 in Tunisia, to our first internationalization in 1993 in Portugal, followed by the start of the conquest of the EUROMED region, through Morocco, Romania, and Germany. Then, 2012 was undoubtedly the cornerstone and the birth place of COFICAB as a global leader, with the development of our presence in Macedonia, US, Mexico, China, Honduras, and last but not least Serbia.

As we are heading towards closing 25 years of service to the automotive industry, we feel proud of our team’s achievement, in bringing COFICAB from a local, to a regional, then to a leading global player. This outstanding performance is, indeed, the reflection of our values: passion, ethics, commitment, and teamwork. These values are at the very heart of the COFICAB family DNA and what holds us together as a strong effective team, capable of traveling the distance to the moon and back 25 times (18.8 million km of cables produced in 2015).

Our goal is to be on top of our growth and make sure it remains sustainable. We will continue to focus on innovative high added-value products in the aim of reinforcing our image as a leader in innovation, as much as in production and presence. Our goal for the present, short-term, and long-term future is to focus, without fail, on innovation, which helps us expand our product range, and our capabilities.

Today, we are capable of working with our clients on their specific needs, and of custom-tailoring our products to fit their bill. COFICAB continues to put the accent on research and development to position itself on top of the current market trends. What’s more, COFICAB is now located in 11 different countries and 4 continents to offer the best possible service and support to its clients.

Needless to say, COFICAB and its team will continue to give back to their community and to the environment, as we expand our technological scope and our global footprint to follow our clients wherever they may need us.